[mp3] Roadside Graves // Sega Remixes

Earlier this year, Roadside Graves’ keyboard player Johnny Piatkowski recorded some remixes of songs off their 2011 release We Can Take Care of Ourselves that had me feeling a bit nostalgic.

Nostalgic in the near term because it recalled what I had listed on Tympanogram as one of the best albums of 2011. At the time of publication I was hesitant to put my picks in order, but with more time and more listens, I’m fairly comfortable listing this one as my favorite.

The remixes also had me feeling nostalgic for a time much further in my past. Piatkowski re-imagined two tracks, both “Ruby” and “We Occupy Each Other,” using only sounds from the classic gaming world of Sega Genesis. They are essentially how the Roadside Graves would be played by the organist in the Sega NHL Hockey game. As I listen, not only do I remember the great original versions, but also afternoons spent playing the NHL game over at my friends house. The Sabres front line with Mogilny and LaFontaine was unstoppable. At least that’s how I remember it.

As kitschy as these tracks are, the quality of the songwriting shines through brightly. Enjoy these for what they are, but if you have yet to hear the originals, definitely seek them out first. Truly great.

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Roadside Graves // Ruby (Sega Remix) [mp3]

Roadside Graves // We Occupy Each Other (Sega Remix) [mp3]