[mp3] New Releases: September 21….omission

I thought I had scoured Amazon’s new releases page well last evening when I was preparing this morning’s New Releases post. I found my mistake today that there was a deeply hidden option on Amazon that I should have included. A record in fact I think I will be getting, in the self titled debut from Frankie Rose And The Outs. It’s a song we posted a while back, yet I’ve listened to “Little Brown Haired Girls” quite a few times lately. I’m anxious to see if the rest of the record has such elegantly layered guitar work along with the fuzzy chick garage band sounds I’ve really been digging on the aforementioned track. If any more of the tracks are as pleasing, the purchase shall be well worth it.

Frankie Rose and The Outs – Little Brown Haired Girls (mp3) from Frankie Rose And The Outs