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It’s a point of derision for some people, when a band becomes too big for local haunts, or when new fans aren’t aware of said band’s first EP. I don’t begrudge people that opinion, when you have to elbow your way to the bar at a show of a band you used to be able to see with a mere handful of onlookers on a random Monday night, though I do think it’s somewhat backwards thinking to hold a band’s success against them.

And while this project, entitled My Roaring Twenties, isn’t at that point yet, with this new song, I can see that exact scenario eventually becoming a problem for his early adopters. Jack Frederick, the mastermind behind the moniker, plays all the instruments here and loops and layers them together in his apartment in Queens. It’s a method that has served him well, whether that’s here, or in his other bands – Black Elk Speaks and Hook Moon. It’s been fascinating to hear his personal progression from one release to the next, and “Your Thread”, released to the masses on his Bandcamp page earlier in February, marks the next forward step for Frederick.

“Your Thread” is an echoing brand of indie pop that’s brimming with confidence and promise. Once everything comes together toward the end of the song, it sounds like it could (and should) last much longer, but Frederick cuts it off abruptly, as if to say there’s plenty more available, but he’s not ready to let us hear it just yet. “Your Thread” is built for repeating; I’m on my sixth time through it already this morning.

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My Roaring Twenties // Your Thread [mp3]