[mp3] Maserati // The Eliminator

Maserati Maserati VII

My brain nearly exploded when I came across this song on Pitchfork today. As a fan of jam bands, instrumental post rock, and electronica, Maserati offers up a wonderful conglomerate of all three, creating music that is a mixture of intensity and atmospheric trance. You may get lost in the songs, or you may rock out. Totally up to you but know that both are a possibility, and “The Eliminator” is an excellent example of this.

The first single from the Athens, GA band’s upcoming album, Maserati VII – due out October 2 – “The Eliminator” starts with a bang and never lets up. Full of relentless beats and tremolo picking, I felt like I was caught in a Road Rash race. It’s fast paced, powerful, and heavy, building off of the new sound that debuted on the band’s last album, Pyramid of the Sun – a record that was a stark contrast to the milder psychedelic post rock Maserati previously released.

It’ll be interesting to see where the other songs on Maserati VII go from here. Hoping it’s a nice mixture of what we hear on “The Eliminator” with the styles of older numbers such as “The Language,” which is a softer sound, but relies on similar characteristics such distorted chords and feedback.

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Maserati // The Eliminator [mp3] from the forthcoming Maserati VII