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I didn’t go to my junior prom. It’s not that I tried to get a date and failed, but more that I didn’t much care for the fake bombast that’s associated with the event. Instead, I’m pretty sure I got drunk with my friends. In that respect, there isn’t much in my life that has changed since I was 16.

The memories of my high school days aside, NYC outfit Junior Prom make pop-punk tracks that sound like they could be the soundtrack to a montage of those blurry nights that occur every spring, awkward rites of passage for students across the country. The pair released their self-title debut EP earlier this week on their Bandcamp page.

The EP is a quick, tight introduction to the pair, made up of five songs that capture the fleeting feeling of youth, of feeling largely indestructible and unfettered. The track I plucked from the bunch to post is the fourth on the EP. “International” doesn’t incorporate the generous handclaps into its contagious hooks, like it’s predecessor, “Big Timer”, but it’s a compelling, catchy listen regardless, and a perfect introduction to what you can expect on the rest of the release.

The twosome has a string of dates around their native NYC over the next month or so, so if you’re in that part of the world, go and see them and report back to me on their live show.

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Junior Prom // International [mp3] from Junior Prom EP