[mp3] Introducing: the band in Heaven – Summer Bummer

There’s a low whirr running through the whole of the band in Heaven’s “Summer Bummer.”  The band falls easily into the recent shoegaze revival, going so far as to tag their demos on Bandcamp with ‘shoegaze’ twice.  And while that might have been unintentional, their methodical drone certainly isn’t.  That they’ve shared the stage with the likes of The Pains of Being Pure at Heart and A Place to Bury Strangers is fitting; they fit squarely into that vein of resurgent reverb-pop.

The band has a split tape out now with Weird Wives (who are 3/5ths of Surfer Blood), which you can grab digitally over at their Bandcamp, or in physical form through Worker Bee Records.  Beyond that, they’ve made a batch of their demos available for free as well, which you can also get through their Bandcamp page. (I’d recommend their cover of The Cranberries’ “Dreams,” myself.)

They have one date lined up to play in the near future – on the night before Halloween in their native West Palm Beach.

Connect with the band in Heaven :: MySpace | Facebook | Bandcamp

the band in Heaven – Summer Bummer (mp3) from Weird Wives/the band in Heaven split tape