[mp3] Introducing: Spirit Night – What We Will Be

I started this post over at least five separate times – mainly because Spirit Night’s sound defies me to pigeonhole the band into easy categories.  It’s lo-fi/bedroom/noise, but the songs aren’t being permeated by a constant buzz like many of the band’s contemporaries are fond of.  It’s rock in a vein similar to that of Jets to Brazil – edgy, like being paranoid when you’re high.  (And the vocals sound strangely like Blake Schwartzenbach’s.)

Dylan Balliett, the creative force behind the music, isn’t afraid to allow his songs to stand on their own.  He accessorizes them with various sounds – a triangle, the shaky twang of a guitar when a note is held and twisted, a smattering of voices recorded in a crowded room – but nothing that will detract focus from the song’s skeleton.  He sings about angst and drugs and the pains of longing.  And he writes a hell of a good song.

What We Will Be is an album that gets under your skin; there is plenty here to digest and enjoy.  To be honest, I could have posted numerous songs from the album since there are so many good ones.  Happily, you can get the rest of it yourself for free at their Bandcamp page.  As of right now, there is no physical release planned.  There are no tour dates planned either – at least according to their MySpace, but that should change in the near future.  Or at least I hope so.

Spirit Night – The Medicine (mp3) from What We Will Be

Spirit Night – Green Street (mp3) from What We Will Be