[mp3] Introducing: Secret Colours – Love

With Tame Impala’s revisit to 60s psychedelica already one of my favorites of the year, it would stand to reason that any other releases in that sort of genre would immediately raise skepticism.  And at first glance, this one did.  Billed as a “Dusty true to cannon (sic) 60s revivalist psychedelic rock”, I listened with caution.  Just halfway through “Love,” however, my fears were allayed.

Secret Colours, despite being from Chicago and employing the extraneous vowel (which, I just realized, is the second incorrect spelling of the word ‘color’ we’ve had on the blog today), have made an album that hearkens back to the beginnings of acid rock, but with song names like “Popstar”, one that still retains a grip on the modern musical landscape.  Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.  This one’s arrived just in time to usher in a new Summer of Love.

Their self-titled debut is out today.  Get it over at their Bandcamp (along with another free track), and check the band out at their various social media outlets: MySpace, Twitter, Facebook.  They have a couple of shows lined up around Chicago as well, so if you’re in the Windy City, stop by and see them sometime.  Get their dates on their website.

Secret Colours – Love (mp3) from Secret Colours