[mp3] Introducing: Ocean Age – Dalvik Tide

I have found that, more often than not, when we get emails about bands that the shorter the email is, the more I generally enjoy the bands’ music.  This isn’t always true, but more often than not, the music more than makes up for the lack of words in the email.  It shows a certain confidence about what the band is doing that they don’t need to use an abundance of flowery descriptors to tell me why I’ll like it.  It’s more of a “like it, or don’t” attitude.  I can get behind that.

I bring this up because just yesterday we received an email from Portland, Oregon band Ocean Age about their latest EP.  This is literally the whole of the email:


I was reading about wild nothing on your blog (such a good band!) and saw there was a place to submit music, so that’s what this is.


Gavi + Ocean Age

And then there was a link to the band’s MySpace, and a link to their EP if I was interested.

What I found was this: Ocean Age makes an otherworldly, minimalist electro-folk that doesn’t require any further explanation than that.  It’s good.  It’s quiet enough to float along undetected, but literary enough to feel weighty.

Connect with Ocean Age : MySpace | Facebook

Ocean Age – Dalvik Tide (mp3) from Forest EP