[mp3] Introducing: Night Manager – Wolf Pyramid

Night Manager describe themselves as a Brooklyn band by way of Paris and San Francisco.  I have no idea which member is from what part of the world, but the obviously violent clash of musical ideas has birthed a sound that is fantastic.  It’s not a new sound; they compared themselves to Best Coast and Reading Rainbow (the latter of which I haven’t heard, so I should probably check them out.)

“Wolf Pyramid” starts with such a din of sound that at first, I didn’t think anything was going to come of it.  But the sonic fracas ends almost as quickly as it starts, and the band focuses in on a much more pop oriented sound.  It’s not polished.  The rough edges of the song are clearly visible.  The core of it, however, works its way into your brain through the use of various “ooohs” and “aaahs” that you’ll be forced to listen repeatedly.

The band has a few Brooklyn dates lined up (and by few I mean exactly three) all around their home borough.  Check the dates out over at their MySpace, where you can download a couple more tracks as well.

Night Manager – Wolf Pyramid (mp3)

  • Deucemckenzie

    Wow, that is fantastic. I have to admit that it was the band picture that caught my attention first and made me listen. It looks like they combined members of four different bands with wildly different aesthetics. Works out very well in the end for sure…

  • tympanogram

    The guy on the far left reminds me of Wesley Willis.