[mp3] Introducing: In Euphoric Company – Long Distance Runner

I’m reminded of a lot of different things when I listen to “Long Distance Runner” from Sacramento’s In Euphoric Company – none of which have to do with euphoria or running.  Despite the fact that I couldn’t run to the song (I’m really picky about my running music), it’s still pretty fantastic.

In Euphoric Company have a pretty obvious Death Cab vibe to them; it’s depressing lyrically, expansive musically, but at this point the band is pretty unpolished.  I don’t mean that as a bad thing at all; it’s interesting to hear bands from the start grow into their own sound.  Right now, their MySpace has this song and one other – which you can grab at their BandCamp page for free.  It will be interesting to hear where their sound goes as they develop it more.  Right now, at their start, it’s already good.  I can only imagine they’ll get better from here.

In Euphoric Company – Long Distance Runner (mp3)