[mp3] Introducing: Abby Gogo – Louder Than Dreams

Abby Gogo, despite the images that their name may invoke, is neither female nor a go-go dancer.  What Abby Gogo is, actually, is an Atlanta based four-piece that makes blurry guitar pop.  “Louder Than Dreams” is the lead track on their forthcoming, self-titled debut album, which will be released at the end of November on Atlanta’s Double Phantom Records.

But while this particular track is on the shorter side, the band doesn’t limit themselves solely to quick bursts of pop. Two of the tracks on their debut album spread out comfortably over the course of seven minutes, developing at their own pace – and sounding just as natural as their more concise pieces.  This is a band that feels as at home dealing in the throes of shoegaze as it does in 60s inspired pop radio – and sounds equally as good doing both.

The band has a few dates lined up around their native city, and one in the Magic City of Birmingham, Alabama.  If you’re ‘round those parts, check them out.  You can also preorder Abby Gogo now over at Double Phantom.

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Abby Gogo – Louder Than Dreams (mp3) from the forthcoming Abby Gogo