[mp3] Hosannas – The People I Know (Ocean Age Remix)

We got a brief email yesterday from Yuri from Portland/Seattle bliss band Ocean Age.  It contained a few details about the band’s upcoming full-length album (they should have some new tracks ready by Christmas), and a remix they did of a track from Hosannas’ latest album, Together – “The People I Know” – to satiate listeners in the interim.

On Hosannas’ album, “The People I Know” is a slow and steady burner of a track.  It’s nearly six minutes long, and it closes out the release, ending things on a dreamy note.  Ocean Age’s re-imagining of the track first lops more than two minutes off of its length, and then grounds the whole by turning the tempo up a bit.  Ocean Age lives up to their name with this one, with a remix that’s worthy of lazy days on the water.

Ocean Age, in the meantime, is playing a show in Seattle on November 20 at The Josephine.

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Hosannas – The People I Know (Ocean Age Remix) (mp3)