[mp3] Dead Models – Dead Models EP

If you’re a regular reader, you might remember us talking previously about British band Dead Models, who make a shiny pop rock replete with a That Thing You Do! vibe.  (Their drummer might even wear sunglasses to be mysterious.  I haven’t seen pictures of the band to know.)  The band has recently released their debut, self-titled EP – and it continues on in the same vein as the first single we heard from them back in April.

The whole EP is sunny and fantastic, and you can get it for free for a limited time through Play White Noise.  I’m not certain how much longer it will be available since  it is out now in the UK and everywhere else tomorrow, so take advantage while you can.  The band has a few tour dates lined up in their native land over the next couple of weeks, which you can see over at their MySpace.  If you’re on that side of the Atlantic, make sure to check them out.

Also, they put together a mixtape podcast for their label, and it’s pretty fantastic as well.  They have excellent taste.  Download that right over here.

Dead Models – Tonight (mp3) from Dead Models EP

  • Sarie

    I just wanted to say a general thank you for this blog. I love and look forward to reading it every chance I get. Keep up the good work and sharing the tunes.

  • tympanogram


    Thank you very much for the kind words! We appreciate it!