[mp3] Cut Copy – Where I’m Going

I’ve been sitting on this post for a few weeks now, and it’s likely the entirety of the blogosphere has already posted it. Luckily my keister hath not squished the song into oblivion, so you get my $.02 as well. Loaded with soaring vocals and plenty of yeah yeah yeah’s and woo’s, the track is a welcome follow-up to 2008’s superb In Ghost Colours. The new song will be part of the band’s as-yet-untitled 3rd album, which Wikipedia says is due in January of 2011. I say it’s a welcome follow-up because In Ghost Colours (there is that same misspelling again) happened to be one of my favorite releases of that particular year. The dance rock they perfect is as close to perfect in the genre as I have found. I hope the forthcoming record fits the same mold.

Cut Copy – Where I’m Going (mp3) from their forthcoming album