[mp3] Bowerbirds – Northern Lights

Bowerbirds are a name. Certainly they possess an interesting and unique band name, but what I really mean is that I recognize their name more than I would recognize anything they actually do or produce. Apparently I had previously downloaded both of the tracks which were sent to us by their publicist in anticipation of a fall tour; I never gave either track much of a chance. They author a brand of folk-ish music I don’t normally pay much attention to, but there is clearly a reason there is name recognition here. “Northern Lights” has a simple yet immediate quality that I can clearly see myself enjoying while lounging, drinking a beer and reading a book. As I grow older, I imagine music of this nature will appeal more and more to me.

Bowerbirds – Northern Lights (mp3) from Upper Air

  • Cindy

    This song and the video was easy to connect to. I found it pleasantly comforting and relaxing. Thanks Dave