[mp3] Blood Sister // Why Would You


If you’ve managed to read this site regularly over the years and avoid our unfailing praise of Brooklyn’s Night Manager, then you deserve some sort of prize for obliviousness. Last summer, when we weren’t doing much writing, Night Manager tossed out a 7 track eponymous release that we never got around to mentioning. It’s more than likely had we been writing regularly at the time I’d have caught wind of the release, but I unfortunately did not until today, whereupon I promptly snapped it up for a fin. While we were still futzing around enjoying time away from the site, sadly it seems, shortly after that release the band went mostly belly up. Without knowing the intimate details, one might assume this is due to guitarist Ezana Edwards moving back home to San Francisco.

[mp3] Blood Sister // Why Would You

About a month and a half ago, the Night Manager social media pages brought news regarding a new demo, alluding to a collaboration with a known band. True to those words comes new project Blood Sister, which finds Edwards working alongside Ryan Grubbs and Kyle Hoover of Ganglians. Upon the first guitar notes it’s quite obvious it’s Edwards who’s the driving force here, as the ramshackle, distortion-heavy lo-fi goodness that the band employs is instantly familiar. The lyrics remain damn near unintelligible too, much like with the band I most closely associate Night Manager with: Gauntlet Hair. The new-band smell has hardly had time to dissipate even the most minuscule amount, so latch on early to what will hopefully be a continuously fruitful venture in the long term.

Be careful, the video is NSFW.