[mp3] 1000 Minutes: Dave #60

I’ve taken a bit of a break from these like Andy has, not as much because I was losing interest, but similarly in that I was finding it more difficult to choose songs I felt as passionately about. A bit of a break should assist with that, though defying that particular logic today, I’m posting a few songs that Andy has already included on his list and not employing much passion.

122. DJ Shadow – You Made It feat. Chris James (mp3) from The Outsider (2:47) [Time Remaining: 450:55]

For someone I’ve never heard anything from before or since, Chris James, whomever he may be, has an incredible voice. The vocals in this song are the selling point, the music consisting of a fairly simple parts but for the incredible instrument of his voice. Certainly in symphony with each other the elements increase in effectiveness, but I believe the music would fall a bit flat without James’ involvement.

123. Tricky – Christiansands (mp3) from Pre-Millennium Tension (3:52) [Time Remaining: 447:03]

Another strong vocalist, though entirely on the opposite end of the spectrum, is Adrian Nicholas Matthews Thaws.   Tricky, as he is professionally known, employs a guttural, altogether unique sprechgesang, as Andy previously mentioned in his 1K post about the song.  The guy has been around a long time.  He was instrumental in the formation of Massive Attack, has been in a few movies and has many other songs I greatly enjoy, though not to the same level as I do “Christiansands.”  As for the why, I suppose I’ve just always really liked the song.  I don’t have a special affinity for the lyrics or any one particular element,  but I love the beat and everything all put together.