[mp3] Yuna // Decorate

Malaysian-born Yuna crafts a spellbinding form of singer/songwriter magic.  The girl with a guitar act is a well-worn one, and one that – when it’s not done well – can come off as campy and boring.  Yuna, from the outset of her track “Decorate,” is nothing of the sort.  Her songwriting is breathless, and this is a weighty song despite its less than two minute running time.

I doubt that anyone writes songs with the intention of placement on Grey’s Anatomy, but if this one doesn’t get used in some over-the-top lesbian break-up scene in an hour-long network television drama, then I don’t know a thing.  Then again, maybe it already has been used but since I’m no expert on that genre, I wouldn’t know.

Yuna’s debut EP was released in March, and you can grab it digitally through the normal channels, or you can stream it over at Soundcloud as well.

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Yuna // Decorate [mp3] from the Decorate EP