[mp3] Young the Giant // My Body (Two Door Cinema Club remix)

When I saw this song in our inbox I’ll admit I laughed a bit to myself. Two bands that are responsible for rather divergent popular opinions, neither have received a particularly strong critical response to their work. What no one will deny is that both are quite adept at formulating songs that are often disturbingly catchy.

[mp3] Young the Giant // My Body (Two Door Cinema Club Remix)

I wasn’t quite certain what to expect when I hit play. I have quite a bit more faith in Two Door Cinema Club than I do Young the Giant, so I felt better that the onus was more squarely on their shoulders in reworking an already solid, if unspectacular track. I suppose I expected a catchy pop slant on what is already a catchy alt-rock song. What I heard was neither particularly catchy, nor ultimately an interesting remix. The elements of Two Door Cinema Club are present and accounted for here, but for me, sadly it didn’t succeed. Perhaps it will strike a better chord with you.