[mp3] TV On The Radio // Will Do (P.O.S. Remix)

P.O.S. is like the punk rock of rappers. As a member of Minneapolis’ Doomtree collective, he is famous for the raw, rocking, visceral energy he often delivers in his music. When he tweeted last month that he was working on a remix of TV on the Radio’s “Will Do,” I was curious to hear what the collaboration might end up sounding like. I imagined that he would take the mid-tempo first single off TVOTR’s most recent album — Nine Types of Light — and turn it into something with a driving beat. I envisioned him making the song more in-your-face, but I was way off.

Instead, P.O.S. kept the song relatively intact and unaltered. The basic sense of longing and melancholy remains the the same, but the general groove of the song feels deeper now. It’s a basic, interesting exercise of enhancing something that is already strong. In fact, Pitchfork and other outlets have pointed out that P.O.S. makes the song that sound Def Jux-inspired. That’s a great comparison/baseline as the song truly feels like something straight out of El-P.

[mp3] TV On The Radio // Will Do (P.O.S Remix)