[mp3] Toro Y Moi // Dead Pontoon

Chaz Bundick, better known to music fans as Toro Y Moi, is best known for his funky atmospheric cuts. But before he went in that direction, Bundick was busy making lo-fi bedroom type pop, more in the Ariel Pink vein, which would have been a crowded field had he decided to say in it. Instead, he opted for the jams he’s putting out now, but he’s got pre-funk material available as well.

Bundick is going back and releasing a grip of the recordings from before his first single, entitling the compilation June 2009, which might mean he has years and years of this shit in some kind of backlog, waiting to be unleashed upon the world. That’s neither here nor there, as this particular compilation is going to be released on April 24th through the folks at Carpark, and it’s going to be available in normal CD and mp3 formats, as well as a set of five 7″ vinyl singles, with two tracks per single.

Take a listen to the B-side of the second single, a weirdly catchy gem entitled “Dead Pontoon.” (And if you grab the mp3, make sure to sign up for updates in the widget below. It’s only fair.)

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Toro Y Moi // Dead Pontoon [mp3] from the forthcoming June 2009


  • ablondymous

    I already have this entire cd, he sold demos during his first tour….you wouldn’t believe the range of unrealeased toro I have…

  • anonymous???

    do you have his my touch demo album?