[mp3] Tanlines // Brothers

Tanlines, the Brooklyn-based electronic duo, released the first track from their new album nearly a week ago at this point. Culled from their upcoming debut Mixed Emotions, which will be released on March 20th through True Panther, “Brothers” continues on with the pair’s dense indie electro. They’ve tapped into something basic, almost inborn with their music; it was evident on their 2010 EP, Settings. Theirs is the music of our shared past, told through the conveniences of the 21st Century.

The album itself is a long time coming. The pair released a compilation of their first EPs in 2009 before releasing Settings in 2010, and they took their time crafting their proper debut album. Mixed Emotions is available for pre-order now through True Panther in various formats (really just in LP or CD format), and will be shipped “on or before” the release date of March 20th.

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Tanlines // Brothers [mp3] from the forthcoming Mixed Emotions