[mp3] The Tallest Man on Earth // Weather of a Killing Kind

Well, this post really brings together two of my favourite musical entities. First, the 2011 Adult Swim Singles Program, a project which releases a new, free single each week, from a dizzying variety of exciting artists. Second, The Tallest Man on Earth (aka – Christian Matsson), the sublimely talented Swedish folk singer whose album The Wild Hunt made it to #3 in my Top Albums of 2010 list.

The Tallest Man on Earth is the latest addition to the illustrious roll-call of the Singles Program, with his gorgeous song “Weather of a Killing Kind.” It’s up there with the best tracks from The Wild Hunt, or his follow-up EP Sometimes The Blues Is Just A Passing Bird, and maintains the same style. Matsson is a minimalist assassin of a musician, possessing the ability to devastate you with just a guitar and his voice – a lost art these days, if you ask me. The song’s lyrics are full of imagery regarding nature and roaming, telling of a fearful, hesitant journey into the wild. His grizzly voice – it feels like gravel being rolled across your heartstrings – is in top form, especially emphasising the wonderful lines “don’t need no score to play this piece, no, don’t need no violins to lose a man.”

So in short, this is just delightful. If you’re already a fan of The Tallest Man on Earth, then you’ll love this. If not, give it a go anyway.

Now the wait begins to see if the next Adult Swim single continues the run of brilliance!

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The Tallest Man on Earth // Weather of a Killing Kind [mp3]