[mp3] Summer Cult // Pink Shoes

A couple of months ago we got an email from Dylan from Syracuse band Summer Cult, who were opening for Horse Feathers and Auld Lang Syne at Bug Jar.  I went to see them that night, and liked what I heard.  Their sound is similar to what you’d expect from a band opening that particular show – alt-country/Americana.

Dylan was kind enough to send over four of their demo tracks a couple of weeks ago, and “Pink Shoes” is the most upbeat of the bunch, but it showcases what the band does well – alternate male and female vocals, a retro, dusty feeling to the entire affair.

The Syracuse foursome is – if their Facebook status’ can be believed – looking into doing a split 7″, but that seems to be in the very early planning stages right now.  (To be fair, their Facebook status also said they were spending the night in a Tauntaun, which is obviously untrue.)  Catch up with them at their various social networking spots to find out what they have in store for shows, releases and stickers.  They’ve got a bunch of live videos available over at their YouTube channel as well.

Summer Cult :: Facebook | MySpace | web

Summer Cult // Pink Shoes [mp3]

  • Jason

    I saw ’em at the Auld Lang Syne show, too, and they were great. We need to have them out this way again.