[mp3] Seabright // Waiting

San Jose’s Justin Morales, known as Seabright when he performs, has been active for nearly 5 years at this point. His first two releases – from 2007 and 2008, respectively – were 3 and 4 song EPs. Then, after taking all of 2009 off, Morales released three full-length albums (though one is called an EP despite having 11 songs on it), and will release a fourth on January 1. It seems that he’s found his niche.

He’s made the first song from his newest release, entitled Lost Ones, available for free through his Bandcamp page, and it served as my introduction to his work. Though Morales himself describes his work as chillwave, this is a more upbeat take on the generally warped genre, incorporating samples and various sounds to bulk the song up. It’s a skittish, nervous take on the clinically stoned chillwave, like if you got paranoid when you smoked. I don’t know anyone like that.

Since Friday, Morales has released a second song from Lost Ones – this one called “Orbit” – that you can stream on Bandcamp and download for free through his Soundcloud page. All his past releases are available for free through his Bandcamp page as well.

Connect with Seabright // Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp

Seabright // Waiting [mp3] from the forthcoming Lost Ones

  • great track and a new artist for me. thanks for going indepth in the description for seabright.