[mp3] Saskatchewan // The Morning (The Weeknd Cover)

I spent much of 2011 (as did many other music fans) fawning over the awesomeness of The Weeknd. The Toronto R&B singer delivered the audience into a world of voyeurism and debauchery with his tales of rampant drug use, sex, alcohol, and the comedown. His House of Balloons mixtape even made my 2011 top 10 list. The entire trilogy is a bold artistic statement and demonstrates a true artist, one who definitely bears watching in the future. Abel Tesfaye is only 21, but his talent frightens me.

He made one of his boldest statements with “D.D.,” a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana” that opens his latest tape Echoes of Silence. Therefore, it only made sense and it was only a matter of time before someone was bold enough to cover him. Saskatchewan, a dream pop quintet from Orlando, Florida decided to cover Tesfaye’s “The Morning.” The new rendition couldn’t be more different than the original. But that is truly the beauty of the cover. I recommend you give it a spin (and while you are perusing the group’s Soundcloud page, you might encounter an equally frightening cover of WHAM!’s “Last Christmas” that was on the blog last year.) It’s all pretty surreal.

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Saskatchewan // The Morning (The Weeknd Cover) [mp3]