[mp3] The Record Company // Don’t Let Me Get Lonely

There’s a refreshing retro-blues swagger to Los Angeles’ The Record Company. Their music sounds like it was recorded somewhere on a front porch in the Deep South, with women waving paper fans in attendance. It kicks up the dust around your feet. It invites you to call and respond.

This track is the opener on the band’s upcoming LP, Super Dead. I’m not certain of the exact release date of the album, but it’s a burner for sure. The band has a bunch of dates lined up at this year’s SxSW, and if I were in attendance (which I won’t be, again), this is one band I would make certain to check out.

Some bands have the ability to tap into something embedded deep in our musical history. Chances are that none of us started out drawn to drone or chillwave, but our father’s 1960’s soul. The Record Company has done just that. It’s familiar in all the right ways.

Head to the band’s Soundcloud page for another free download of “Tallahassee Lassie,” and a preview of a few more songs from the upcoming album. Not unlike Sunday services, The Record Company has something that will soothe even the most tortured soul. Testify.

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The Record Company // Don’t Let Me Get Lonely [mp3] from the forthcoming Super Dead