[mp3] Radiohead // Nobody Does It Better (Carly Simon Cover)

In recent months, the big boys over at Stereogum have been doing features on covers which bands have performed, and the latest installment featured 20 stellar covers by Radiohead. It’s been a while but, before they started recording dubstep influenced concept albums about trees (albeit very good dubstep influenced concept albums about trees), the Oxford boys knew how to have fun with a cover or two. They range from the classic (Neil Young), to the sarcastic (Oasis), to the cult (The Smiths), to the obscure (Portishead), to the hilarious (Glen Campbell).

It’s this latter which I’ve picked for today, with one of my favourite Radiohead tracks, original or otherwise. Back in the day, when Thom was fully repping the Ron Weasley aesthetic, a cover of Carly Simon’s “Nobody Does It Better” was a fairly regular staple of the band’s live set. I suspect the famous theme from The Spy Who Loved Me was a lingering remnant of the band’s early grunge days, and it has a cheeky youthfulness about it. I’ve always been a sucker for this kind of thing, so my enjoyment of it may be highly biased, and perhaps one of their more “artistic” covers would have been a better choice. But hey. It’s pretty awesome guys.

[mp3] Radiohead // Nobody Does It Better

Thom’s at his snarling best (you do forget how powerful his voice can be, don’t you?) and Johnny is shredding away as he should. Having listened to and loved The King of Limbs many times this year, I’m still firmly of the opinion that Radiohed will always be at their best when they’ve got guitars front and centre. The band have been pretty divisive this year, but this bit of fun reminds us that there’s still a cheeky sense of humour hidden in there somewhere. If you don’t believe me, just go and watch the ‘Lotus Flower’ video again.