[mp3] Old Tapes // Got the Time (DJ Alykhan’s ‘Fuzzed Out’ Edit)

A student at the University of Rochester, DJ Alykhan’s website boasts that he drops “beats, but never classes.”  And as a double major at the U of R, I bet he’s probably thought about dropping a class or two along the way, so if that’s the truth, then I’m impressed.  Hailing from Philadelphia, Alykhan calls Rochester home while he’s in school, and he’s integrated himself into the local music scene as well.

Hitting close to our hearts, Alykhan has taken a couple of tracks Old Tapes’ recently released This Is Goodbye EP and reworked them – including the wildly popular “Farewell” – adding “some sound effects and percussion” and extending the intros and outros to make them easier to fit into your extended club mixes.

“Farewell” ends up sounding a bit more hazy than the original version, with parts where it just sounds like it was left in the sun to get warped and then played back.  The EP’s centerpiece, if you haven’t yet heard it, is “Got The Time,” and Alykhan puts a bit more of a club/tribal feel behind that one.

You can grab the “Got The Time” rework below, and head over to Alykhan’s Soundcloud page to check out and download his take on “Farewell,” along with a bunch of other of his edits.

You can also stroll over to Old Tapes’ Bandcamp page for a copy of the This Is Goodbye EP, which you can get for a paltry $5, or for $2 more, you can get the EP along with a 7” that we are helping to release (which we should be getting the test pressings of today.)

Connect with DJ Alykhan // Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | web

Connect with Old Tapes // Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp | web

Old Tapes // Got the Time (DJ Alykhan’s ‘Fuzzed Out’ Edit) [mp3]