[mp3] NxNE Recap // A Lull (Thursday)

I owe A Lull an apology.  I set up an interview with them at NxNE this past weekend without giving their music a proper listen, and I’m afraid I wasn’t able to conduct an interview that was anything close to good.  Not that we’re particularly formal about the interviews we do (we don’t like to record our conversations, preferring to just talk with bands and cull what we can over beer), but I definitely owed them more preparation than they got.

With that said, the guys in A Lull are a very down-to-earth, accommodating bunch. We talked over who were Cubs fans and who were White Sox fans, even though it was settled that both teams, in fact, suck this year.  We discussed the remix release that the band put out last year and how they don’t really like hearing their songs remixed.  We discussed lead singer Nigel’s love for the new Drake songs, and how he needs to hear the Shabazz Palaces album.  We talked about the Bug Jar here in Rochester and their border crossing from the night before.

But beyond the conversation, the band is a revelation in a live setting.  Utilizing multiple percussionists, A Lull is an all encompassing, immersive experience.  Since I didn’t give their most recent album, Confetti, the attention it deserves prior to seeing them, I can’t tell you much of what they played.  But it wouldn’t have mattered anyway: they put on a completely arresting show – one that two of the four writers from tympanogram considered the best they saw at the festival (and the one writing this piece would put at a close second).

Bottom line: see A Lull.  Buy their album.  Doing so will, in part, make me feel better for my shoddy work.  But more than that, you’ll be able to witness a band do something rarely done: go beyond any hype they receive because it falls quite short of what they are capable of.

And guys, if you’re reading this: the offer to crash at my place next time you’re in town is always available.

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A Lull // Weapons For War [mp3] from Confetti

  • pjd

    A LULL is most incredible and deserves to be heard for sure!