[mp3] My Roaring Twenties // What’s More Is

It’s hard for me to call any of the projects of the guys from Black Elk Speaks “local” anymore since 3/4ths of them relocated to New York City. That said, I met them when they were still local, so they’ll always have that soft spot in my heart. And this project, done solo-like by Jack Frederick, goes double since he used a picture of my nephew at the zoo from last summer as the cover art for the EP.

Called My Roaring Twenties, the EP, entitled Red Carpet Wedding, is an amalgam of sounds and instruments, all recorded individually by Frederick and pressed together into a four-song release of quirky bedroom pop. (The guys from Black Elk Speaks have never been ones to shy away from adding those sort of idiosyncrasies to their music, whether as Hook Moon or Mister James Diver or here.) It’s an EP reminiscent of the best parts of Animal Collective, textured, experimental and taking its time to play out, and it’s one that encapsulates the sense of wonder my nephew has on display in the cover.

I’m using the first song from the EP as an example, but this is one you should certainly check out in its entirety. It can be had for free at My Roaring Twenties’ Bandcamp page.

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My Roaring Twenties // What’s More Is [mp3] from Red Carpet Wedding