[mp3] Manna (ft. Mark Lanegan) // Wishing Well

I’ll admit, it’s been a slow start to 2012 for me. Not a great deal in January really got me excited. Maybe it’s the prospect of a new Meat Loaf album in February that’s set my expectation bar pretty high for the year, but none of the year’s early releases really got me going.

So when I started listening to the new single “Wishing Well” by Finnish songstress Manna, it was with a slightly hopeless sigh of scepticism. I made my way through the first verse, minding my own business, enjoying her dulcet Nordic tones and then BAM!, the chorus hits and Mark Lanegan kicks through my speakers with snarls of electric guitar and shrill electronic whirls like Optimus Prime trashing a Kiss themed wedding party in Valhalla.

Lanegan doesn’t duet with just anyone, but it’s easy to see why he’s deigned to take part on this Manna track. Her sultry, slightly creepy verses play perfectly against a massive, industrial sounding chorus taken by Lanegan and his trademark growl. There’s superb interplay between the slow burning verses, adorned with lonely plinks of acoustic guitar, and the behemoth guitar thuds of the chorus. It’s a massive track, and has helped to add Manna’s upcoming sophomore album Shackles to my list of anticipated 2012 releases. And let’s hope Mark Lanegan spreads himself around a bit more too.

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Manna (ft. Mark Lanegan) // Wishing Well [mp3] from Shackles