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If you have been reading what we have to say for a while, you might have run across some Carter Tanton around here. His 2011 album, Freeclouds, was one that we posted three or four singles from, and yet I never got around to getting a copy, despite my enjoyment of each song I heard from it.

That oversight on my part aside, Tanton is back with a new album and a new moniker he’s recording under. Now going by Luxury Liners, Tanton’s new album is entitled They’re Flowers, which is slated for release on April 2 through Western Vinyl. The first single from the album is actually a cover of John Cale’s “Caribbean Sunset,” the title track from his 1984 album. (Which, Wikipedia tells me, is notable for being the only Cale album that hasn’t been re-released on CD or digitally.)

On “Caribbean Sunset,” Tanton lays out his direction as Luxury Liners, layering programmed beats underneath polished synths. The song’s not as campy as I imagine going on a cruise would be, but it’s clear that Tanton is going for more SS Coachella than Carnival. Listening to “Murderous Joy” from his last album, this is quite a departure in style, but Tanton’s vocals are just as convincing as they were when he was plying a more easygoing Americana.

There’s no information about pre-order of the album, or what formats it’s going to be released on, but I’m sure that information will be forthcoming. Until it does, I’m content to just listen to this.

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Luxury Liners // Caribbean Sunset [mp3] from the forthcoming They’re Flowers