[mp3] Introducing // Work Drugs

In their introductory email, Work Drugs described themselves as “a few parts chillwave… a few parts indie pop… and several parts smooth sailin’/yacht rock.”  Taken at face value, it seems like an easy enough recipe – and one that has been replicated often in the past 18 months or so.  However, the resulting taste off their forthcoming release is far less mundane than one might expect from the hybrid of genres that are often derided.

The Philadelphia, PA outfit is far less chillwave and yacht rock than they initially described, and feel more to me like an amalgam of the Eighties musical renaissance of late.  The vocals are much more clear, and the music isn’t as warped as other chillwave artists tend to employ.  They’re right about the indie pop, however – they’re just focused on the wrong decade.

Work Drugs have an abundance of social media presence for you to make nice with them.  I’d encourage you to do so, if only for the eventual news of a release.

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Work Drugs // Third Wave [mp3]