[mp3] Introducing // Triptides

Part of why I like Bandcamp is the ability it gives artists to recommend other music they like when a customer downloads their release. Not that that can’t happen on Facebook or Twitter or in concert, but there’s something about the recommendations being right there, easy to click on, when you’re already getting their music. I’m almost certain that I could kill an entire day following recommendations from one artist to another around Bandcamp. But for the purposes of this post, I’m going to focus on Triptides, who were recommended to me when I finished downloading music from Seabright earlier this week.

Described by Seabright as “beautiful surfy indie pop,” the band’s Tropical Dreams EP was where I started, but they have 4 other releases to check out – including three that came after Tropical Dreams was released. The band, despite being from Bloomington, Indiana, where the closest ocean is about 700 miles east, has a Southern California 60’s pop feel to their music. Sure, it’s a popular genre these days, but with good reason: done well, it’s easy on the ears, and easy to keep coming back to.

The band has a 7″ single coming out soon through the French label Croque Macadam, but you can stream all their releases on their Bandcamp page. The song below is from their Tropical Dreams EP, which is available for $Name-Your-Price.

Connect with Triptides // Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp

Triptides // Shadows [mp3] from Tropical Dreams EP