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Toy Camera

This isn’t exactly an introduction. The two artists who make up this duo, Drew Harris and Steph Thompson, have both been featured on this blog before under the pseudonyms Germany Germany (Harris) and Steffaloo (Thompson). Harris’ music has varied from aggressive techno to chillwave-style rhythms, while Thompson has carved out a name for herself as a beach-folk artist with a smooth and hypnotic voice. Together, their Toy Camera EP, Blissful Youth, is an excellent mesh of their talents and unique characteristics.

This is not Thompson’s first outing with an electronic artist. Steffaloo teamed up with Blackbird Blackbird back in 2010, releasing three tracks that are a great mix of lush synthesizers and easy-going rhythms. With Toy Camera, Steffaloo is now singing over the more aggressive beats that are a staple of Germany Germany’s music. While this mix may counter-intuitive, Harris does an excellent job toning down the punctuation of each beat, bringing Thompson’s vocals and his samples and synths to front where they belong.

“Tall Trees” serves as one of the EP’s more upbeat songs, with staccato synthesizer rhythms giving room for Thompson’s vocals to carry the melodies through each chorus until the culmination. Other numbers, such as “Run Away” and “Your Heart,” are light serenades, rich with electronic waves that allow the songs to drift along at a pace that’s perfect for an evening stroll.

The Blissful Youth EP is currently available for free on the duo’s Bandcamp page, so there’s really no excuse not to go download it right now. Also, be sure to check out their song “Tall Trees” below and also check out Germany Germany and Steffaloo’s Bandcamp pages. Both artists create some great music that is well worth investing some time in.

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Toy Camera // Tall Trees [mp3] from Blissful Youth EP