[mp3] Introducing // Indoor Voices

If you’re not from around Western New York, it might come as a surprise that here in Rochester, we’re closer to Toronto than we are New York City. In terms of driving, it’s quickest to go down through Pennsylvania and cut across New Jersey in order to get to NYC – a total of six hours or so, depending on the severity of traffic. Toronto, on the other hand, takes about half that time, depending on how the border crossing goes.

So, while Brooklyn is an obvious hotbed of great music, our neighbors to the north in Toronto have their fair share of excellent music as well. The latest I’ve found is Indoor Voices. It’s the work of one Jonathan Relph, and recorded over the span of two years from 2009-2011, with the resulting album, Nevers, being released last fall. It’s a fantastic post-rock, shoegaze album, comprised of nine songs, none of which miss the mark. It’d be easy to pick any song from the album and have it be representative of what you’re going to get, which made it difficult for me to narrow my choice down to just one song. (And why I settled on the title track.) That said, Nevers is available for free in its entirety through Indoor Voices’ Bandcamp page, so if you like what you hear, you don’t have to make a choice. Get the whole thing.

The album is available physically as well, in an lasercut CD form which is limited to 50 copies.

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Indoor Voices // Nevers (Loud) [mp3] from Nevers