[mp3] Introducing // Heavier Than Air Flying Machines

It took all of 10 seconds to get hooked on “Amphibian Debt March” the new single from the Grand Rapids, MI, band Heavier Than Air Flying Machines (hereafter referred to as HTAFM). This could finally be the offshoot of At the Drive-In you were waiting for (though it isn’t), the next quasi-hardcore band that composes perfect shout-along anthemic rock tracks that make you play air guitar, jump up and down, and then hit repeat to hear the song again.

This song is not even two minutes long, and yet it has everything I like in this style of music. The guitars are thick, loud, and layered. The vocals are strong and emphatic, with plenty of opportunities to shout along with the oft-repeated “What do you say?” or “Hey!” It’s the kind of track the band would rip out three quarters of the way through a live show for that perfect moment of audience participation.

The band’s other tracks on their debut album Siam are similarly powerful (if less anthemic) noisy post-hardcore. Fans of At the Drive-In, Kudzu Wish, or labelmates Bear vs. Shark will likely love this trio from the start. And “Amphibian Debt March” is the perfect 1:40 teaser to suck you in.

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Heavier Than Air Flying Machines // Amphibian Debt March [mp3] from Siam

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    I say I absolutely love it; it’s a little heavier than most of the stuff that comes through my inbox so it’s a nice change of pace. Definitely will be posting it up as well. Good find!