[mp3] Introducing // Ethereal

Ethereal has more co-signs that I can count. But a ton of those nods of approval come from the boys in Nobody Really Knows. And anyone who is familiar with this blog knows how much I love NRK. It’s pretty plain to see why the NRK boys were so excited when Ethereal dropped his lastest album, Abstractica, a few months back.

Ethereal’s music is equally hazy, soupy, laid back (or whatever other synonyms you would choose to employ here). Ethereal is signed to Yelawolf’s Slumerican Records. At first, this would appear to be an odd marriage. But when you step back to consider that both artists represent different, yet similar, forms of Southern hip hop, the marriage makes a little more sense. It is also apparent that Yelawolf has a keen ear for talent in that he was able to recognize true talent and potential.

I first became aware of Ethereal when I heard “In My Honor” a few months before Abstractica dropped. The NRK boys were tweeting about this awesomeness and I knew I had to investigate. I wasn’t disappointed. I was confronted with many of the same NRK hallmarks that I have grown to love. And then when the whole mixtape dropped, I really fell. At first listen, I was blown away by “Recovery.” The song features standout contributions from Opio from Hieroglyphics, one of my favorite hip hop supergroups from back in the day.

Ethereal // Recovery (ft. Opio and Micah Freeman) [mp3] from Abstractica

Ethereal recorded a portion of the album at Hal Williams’ studio. Therefore, it is only appropriate that Williams (Pyramid Vritra of NRK and one half of Odd Future’s The Jet Age of Tomorrow) appears on two tracks on the album. My favorite one is “Up.” This is a non-traditional battle rap song as it is delivered over one of the most hazed out beats you can possibly imagine.

Ethereal // Up (ft. Hal Williams) [mp3] from Abstractica

Abstractica is available for free download on Ethereal’s Bandcamp page.