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Canon Logic Rapid Empire

This is exactly the type of music that should sound the end of summer. Not mysterious, dark psychedelia that summons thoughts of snow and cold, but upbeat, catchy rhythms, and sing-a-longs galore to help keep the sun shining and the air reasonably warm. Containing these characteristics, Brooklyn’s Canon Logic has released an EP of joyous proportions. Rapid Empire contains five songs coated in chants and melodic hooks that harken more to 70’s rock bands than the 80’s new wave that influences many of today’s artists.

Rapid Empire serves as the follow-up to the band’s 2010 debut full-length. The five songs, which drift between rambunctious pop (“Rapid Empire [Am I M.I.A.?]”) to emotionally charged narratives, are all guided by slick vocals that serve as the highlight of the album and of the band’s song. While the vocals reign supreme, really every element of Canon Logic is balanced perfectly on this release. From guitars riffs, to percussion, to piano, to the multiple vocal melodies taking place on each track – every layer fits on top of the others, creating a sound that seems fresh in today’s music world.

I haven’t heard Canon Logic’s full-length, FM Arcade, so I don’t have any previous work to compare this to, but as a stand alone, this is one release that I can see putting on whenever I need a pick-me-up. It’s inspiring and uplifting. It’s exactly what we need as we prepare to head into the everlasting grayness that is winter in Western New York.

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The Canon Logic // Howl in the Night [mp3] from Rapid Empire EP