[mp3] Introducing // Bright Moments

I do wonder sometimes how great an influence sessions musicians have had on the legacy of popular music. It’s staggering to think of the anonymous hired guns who were instrumental (pun intended) in crafting some of rock and pop’s great masterpieces, unbeknown to us – the audience.

Kelly Pratt is one such musician. He’s played trumpet with Beirut, various horn and flute parts on Neon Bible, as well as playing with St. Vincent and David Byrne. Now he’s crept out from the shadows with his own solo project Bright Moments. In his lead track “Tourists”, you can definitely see a similarity to the above artists. It’s a piece of vibrant, slightly left-of-centre, piano led indie pop (think Ben Folds at his very best). The chord sequence remains unresolved throughout, and consequently the track has a constant feel of movement, which helps it to build into one massive, almost unstoppable swirl of synths, handclaps, brass and blistering falsetto. It’s a bit of a kitchen-sink number, but Pratt pulls it off jubilantly.

The debut album from Bright Moments is entitled Natives, and is available now on Luaka Bop.

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Bright Moments // Tourists [mp3] from Natives