[mp3] Introducing // Boylant

In order to find out more about his project, Reed Parker made things interesting for me.  Armed merely with a link to his new track (released under the moniker ‘Boylant’) and his name, I was able to drum up a Facebook page and a Soundcloud page through Google, and I’ve written posts with much less to go on about an artist.

Boylant, as it turns out, is more than just the one song he started us with; there is also a four-song EP that predates it by about 34 years – or so Boylant’s Bandcamp page says.  (Judging from his Facebook page, however, it was actually released about a month ago.)  Entitled Unnamed Portraits, it’s the kind of lo-fi bedroom pop that is oft created but rarely – for lack of a better word – good.  Boylant, thankfully, falls closer to the ‘good’ end of the enjoyment spectrum than not.

Based on these five tracks, Boylant will be an interesting project to see take shape.  Parker feels his way around various sounds, from a kind of droning, maudlin rock on “Fingers” to the poppier bent of “Shades.”

You can grab the rest of Boylant’s EP over at his Bandcamp page for free, and you really should.

Connect with Boylant // Facebook | Soundcloud | Bandcamp

Boylant // Echo Hill [mp3] from Unnamed Portraits EP

Boylant // Shades [mp3]