[mp3] Introducing // Ben Wilkins – Through To You

Most people know Ben Folds as a sort of goofy troubadour (or one of the hosts of The Sing Off), mixing a certain brand of irreverence into his piano-driven pop/rock.  And while that’s true, Folds’ best work has never really been his humorous songs – at least to me.  His best songs are the ones that are honest about relationships and life.  There’s a reason that “Smoke” was included in Nick Hornby’s Songbook and “Steven’s Last Night In Town” was not.

All this talk about Ben Folds is with good reason, because Canadian artist Ben Wilkins sounds almost exactly like him.  There are times when listening to his recent EP – Back of My Head – that I would have sworn that he had channeled Ben Folds himself.  This EP, if you’re a fan of Folds’ work, is a must have.  Wilkins is an excellent songwriter in his own respect, and his jazzy, free takes on his songs are refreshing as well.  Think of him as a new member of The Bens, and he kind of looks like Ben Lee.

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Ben Wilkins // Through to You [mp3] from Back of My Head EP