[mp3] Introducing // Atlas Genius

I have this standing order for anyone who writes for our blog: we generally avoid trashing bands who send us their material if they’re new.  A lot of bands send along their very first single, first EP, first album, and we’re not in the business of crushing people’s dreams by being needlessly mean.  Granted, this is a major complaint regarding blogs in general – that there is nothing we (collectively) don’t like; I can assure you that’s not the case.  It’s just that we don’t waste time writing about it.

Atlas Genius didn’t send us their first single directly; it came to us from Cosine Records (who have released two split digital singles at this point).  The band hails from Adelaide, Australia, and in their tags on their Bandcamp page, they have a bunch of bands listed for reference, the most apt being Two Door Cinema Club and Phoenix, since they sound like a hybrid of the two.  “Trojans” is an upbeat, angular sort of dance track, building and crashing in all the right spots – a fitting jam for the rest of your summer.

No official word on what else the band has in store other than being “committed to releasing individual tracks as soon as they are recorded,” but their website seems to indicate they’re on the way to releasing something new in the near future.  Bottom line: it’s a good thing they’re down with using protection, because this is a song that’s going to fuck with your head.

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Atlas Genius // Trojans [mp3]