[mp3] Gracie // Tryck R Treat

Philadelphia’s burgeoning music scene is home to all manner of genres, and, despite its location in the mid-Atlantic, it’s also produced Gracie (also known by his given name, Andrew Balasia) – a synth-heavy, tropical feeling act that sounds like he belongs somewhere in the Caribbean plying his craft rather than in the City of Brotherly Love. Gracie’s music is easily (and possibly derisively depending on your stance) described as chillwave, but there’s more to it than an affinity for warped, lo-fi sounds. “Tryck R Treat” for example, from Gracie’s upcoming Treehouse EP, is a layered, easygoing masterpiece.

The song starts innocently enough, and one might think there’s something wrong with the file, as it’s glitchy, but that gets worked out in short order, and the song breezes its way through it’s five-and-a-half minute length. It’s the coldest part of the winter here in Rochester, and while we might not have our normal allotment of snow, it’s still getting damn cold overnight. If Gracie’s aim is to make his listeners long for the warmth of the sun, he’s doing a fine job. I’m dreaming of summer already.

Treehouse will be shipped on vinyl through the fine folks at Small Plates Records or around February 7th, so if you’re leaning toward picking up a copy, I suggest you do it soon if you want it in your hands right when its available.

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Gracie // Tryck R Treat [mp3] from the forthcoming Treehouse EP