[mp3] New from White Denim // Hot Thought

While it might not have been as good as their previous effort, Fits, White Denim’s May album D was certainly a solid effort.  And if a new album wasn’t enough in 2011 from them, they’re gearing up to release a new EP via Downtown Records on October 25th, this one entitled Your Work Space.  The Austin, TX foursome are masters at progressive, noisy jams, and they have never been afraid to put out a lot of music, trying out different textures and styles with each different release.  Not everything works, and sometimes it comes out as uneven or unfocused, but more often than not it does work.  And when it works, it’s fantastic.

Along with the announcement of the EP comes a slew of tour dates through the end of November, none of which has the band hitting Rochester, or Buffalo, or Syracuse.  The closest they’re coming is Pittsburgh, on a Friday, so that might be do-able.  We’ll have to see.  In the meantime, to tide you and I over until the EP’s release, the band is giving away a track from it.  It’s called “Hot Thought” and it’s an tune T-Pain would be proud of, once again proving that White Denim does whatever the hell they want.  You can grab it below.

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White Denim // Hot Thought [mp3] from the forthcoming Your Work Space