[mp3] Distractions // All Night

pinit fg en rect gray 20 [mp3] Distractions // All Night

distractions [mp3] Distractions // All Night

When doing some work while writing this post I once again came to the certain realization that I fucking hate MySpace. I didn’t much care for it years ago when it fancied itself a real competitor to Facebook and not just an avenue for music. I deleted my own misguided creation of a page not long after I created it and I haven’t used it in years but for listening to band’s musical stylings. Whenever I happen to use it, like the computer memory-raper it is, my computer instantly bogs down and my Safari sessions enter into an endless display of the spinning color wheel of death.

[mp3] Distractions // All Night

My own personal computer issues aside, I am ultimately glad it serves to give bands such as Chicago’s Distractions an outlet to display their 60’s tinged garage-rock wares on one track, then genre-bending differentness on another. I just wish it didn’t make my computer have a nervous breakdown each time I sample those wares. As for the song I’ve neglected to give more than a cursory explanation, give it a listen and try not to enjoy the twinkling of those keys.

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