[mp3] David Lee Rad // …The Morning We Woke Up

It’s strange for me to call David Lee Rad as such because I know him in real life. It’s one thing to know band members, who all contribute to the chosen name while retaining their own identity (unless they’re in Gwar or something), but to know a solo artist – particularly one who has a performing pseudonym – is a different story. I’ll just stick to calling him David and leave it there. He can dictate the situations where I might need to refer to him as “Lee Rad” too.

This long-winded introduction is really just a way for me to talk about his new song, called “…The Morning We Woke Up.” It’s got a very Vanilla Sky kind of vibe, ethereal and warm, which is appropriate given the fact that David himself describes the song as “a simple love song…when love is new and good and exciting! It’s the first kiss, the first time you realize you’ll never be the same.” The song itself builds on the initial wonderment into something a bit edgier, like when you finally take that new love feeling out into the world and show it off.

With all the business of the holidays, sometimes it’s nice to step back and remember why we are celebrating with the people we are. This song is a good reason to do just that.

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David Lee Rad // …the morning we woke up [mp3]