[mp3] Crocodiles // Sunday (Psychic Conversation #9)

Crocodiles Sunday (Psychic Conversation #9)

It’s not tough to crack Crocodiles’ formula: crunchy, fuzzed-out guitars, echoed vocals, driving beats – you’d think their albums were actually recorded live in a dingy basement. And we love ’em for it. Both Summer of Hate and Sleep Forever were stellar albums: full of energy, aggression, and good times. Their 2012 album, Endless Flowers, which is due out on June 6, is shaping up to be more of the same, but the band needed to switch it up at least a little bit to differentiate their newest work.

Oddly enough, apparently moving to Brooklyn brought the out the sunniness in the band. “Sunday (Psychic Conversation #9)” still has that distorted guitar and Brandon Welchez’s alleyway howl, but the tone has brightened up. There’s moments of sing-alongs, the rhythm is peppy, and the organ chords meshing with the guitar conjure up the idea that perhaps the band misses their San Diego roots. But, when all is said and done, this still evokes the Crocodiles that we all know and love. Especially, with the distortion, string scratching, and muted strumming kicking in towards the end. You think you’re hearing the band turn a new page, and then they remind you who’s playing. Can’t wait to hear more from the album.

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Crocodiles // Sunday (Psychic Conversation #9) [mp3] from the forthcoming Endless Flowers